Vital statistics
Position Senior Councilmen

Tribune of Urban Cohort

Musician in College of Arts

Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Aidan Plinius Secundus is the third son of Titus Plinius Secundus , Grandson to Gaius Plinius Secundus Censor of Rome.

Personal Life Edit

Aidan Plinius Secundus was born to Titus Plinius Secundus , his mother is unknown but is thought to have died during his delivery. Little is known about his mother but she is thought to be Venus. Reason for said belief is due to Aidan's and blue eyes and black hair like his father and all current depictions of Venus. Other sources stated that he was born to Gaius Sempronio Gracco, whom when died was left on the streets of Rome wandering with his older brother Pontius Sempronius Gracchus (Informally known as Xanderb), after four months of being homeless he was picked up from the streets by Gaius Plinius Secundus and taken under the arm of Titus Plinius Secundus. He is sister to Aemilia Pompeia Scaura (born Plinia Cresentia) and Brother to Vitus Plinius Secundus.

Aidan joined the Plebian Council on the 23rd of Febuary, he is a senior councilmen and has been in the council since. He was invited to join the college of Arts somewhere between October and November and is a musician. He worked along side Gaius Leonus Livius composing and publishing songs for the people of Rome.

Military YearsEdit

At the early age of 15 Aidan joined the Second Augustan Legion before it being disbanded and he was left to join the Thirteenth Twin Legion. He served the XIII for a month before being given a General Discharge. For the next two months Aidan was not scripted into the Army and was residing in Rome. On May 4th Aidan Joined the Urban Cohort and is still enlisted, 4 days afterwards on May 8th Aidan was promoted to Miles. He served the Urban Cohort for another month before being promoted to Immunes on June 29th. Being in the Urban cohort for 4 months he was promoted again to Beneficiarius on August 9th. On September 1st after 5 months being in the Paramilitary he jumped ranks to Centurion, he was promoted by Octavian Julius Caesar who promoted Aidan himself and saw his training until he became a Primus 12 days later, after 3 days of rigiours training he was again promoted to Tribunus Agustusclavii, he served the Paramilitary for another month before the Urban Cohort had a reformation.

Its new Praefectus was Maximus Leonus Decius, serving with the new praefect for another month, Maximus found Aidan unfit for his rank and demoted him to Beneficarius. Although no papers were formally filed. Aidan again slowly made his way back to the Rank of Optio by his replacement Aloysius Avidius on November 28th. A week later he was promoted again to Centurion by Aloysius Avidius, the day afterwards Aidan was again promoted to Primus by Julius Leonus Decius. 15 days later he was again promoted to Tribunus by yet again Aloysius Avidius. He is the longest lasting servicemen in the Urban Cohort.