Pork sword

Current apparel.


Honorable Mentions Edit

A honorable quote left by the 1st generation emperor, Caesar Augustus

"And so the porksword shall grow forth from the genitalius area. It shall cast a shadow so big and long it will engulf all of Mordor, Tamriel, and the lands beyond" ~ Caesar Augustus, -031342 Chromosomes, 19th Realm, First Seed of the Moon's Sun 

"Shall you seek what is wanted or needed, and the Pork Sword shall guide you."

History Edit

In his early years, he had joined the Urbanae Cohorts, serving under Centurion SpacemanEd. He had a very successful and honorable career, until the day him and fellow Cohorts Miles Stickypages had found themselves in some type of ordeal against the current Urbanae Cohortes Imperator.

It was soforth that they were both banished to the arena, serving many matches and rounds until eventually they... disappeared.

Now Edit

Currently, no evidence has been found of PorkSwords whereabouts.

It is only known that eventually PorkSword (4chan4) had made his own destiny, him and a few other escaped slaves had found the Rustalion Fleet passing through the Red Sea where they were kidnapped for their owngood.

In his starched, heavily burnt journal several pages have been found written by himself, where they were stripped of their human skin and as they glanced in the mirror realized their true colors. Grey hairs joined by twelve pack abs, strong muscles and heavy breath. He had been granted sometype of hybrid chicken holo-helm with human skull supportments. The true master race... the Rustalion race. It is only known he served in several Rustalion wars in several different star-systems, launching invasions on the Grand Republic, the Roman Empire and many more unspoken of. The last sighting of the Rustalion Fleet was its taxiing through a StarGate.

"Glory to Rustalia, for she is our queen.."