Tiberius Claudius Nero
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Tiberius Claudius Nero is the son of Augustus Caesar and Livia Drusilla. After serving as Magister Equitum, he was named Emperor by Augustus Caesar on the 24th of November, 2767 ab urb condita.

Early Years

Tiberius was seven years old when his biological mother, Livia Drusilla, married Augustus Caesar. With this, he became the adopted son of Augustus Caesar. He was raped as a child by the one known as MaximusLeonusDecius.


Tiberius proved to be a capable military leader, and with his legion, Legio XIII Gemina, conquered many of Rome's enemies. In the spring of 2767 AUC, Tiberius levied a new legion, Legio XV Apollinaris. With Legio XIII and Legio XV, he made quick work of the Athenian defenders, and annexed Athens as an official Roman territory. He also served stickypages as a servant boy and was a very poor shekel counter, as his non-Jewish blood affected his kosher style of counting the shekels. His nose was not mature enough for this duty.

Personal Life

In early 2767 AUC, he married Agrippina, and fathered one child, Vibius Julius Caesar. Later on in the year, he adopted his brother's son, Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus. For reasons unknown, he retired to the island of Rhodes during the fall of 2767 AUC, returning to the city of Rome only when summoned by Augustus Caesar in November, where he was named Emperor. He always sucked up to stickypages and wished sticky was an ODer, but sticky was too proud for it.


November 24th, 2767 AUC marks the official beginning of his reign as Emperor. Since then, he has passed numerous reforms, called for an election of Consuls, and published an edict for the government to follow, year round. His call for elections for the Consulate was an unprecedented move, signaling the first election for Consul in the history of Rome from the plebiscite. He then transferred his powers to Lord Commander MarioLuigi8.

The Great Rustalion War

Durring the Battle of Parthia Tiberius was tending his legions with mandatory inspections. Shown later being attacked by Rustalion Berserkers (Some of the brutal fighters in the war) Ambushed and killed Tiberius on the Battle for Parthia (Aka Day of 1000 Swords)