Tyrus Plinius Secundus is the son of Titus Plinius Secundus, Senator of Rome. He served in various Legions, succeeding in each and every one.

Early Years

His father and older brothers left the house at a young age, forcing him to mature rapidly as he too, in turn, joined the military as barely more than a child.

Military Years

His first Legion was the elite guard unit of the Consul, Marcus Antonius, the Twenty-First RAPAX Legion. Months were spent here, until he became their Praefectus, at which point he decided to try another Legion.

He moved to the First Auxiliary Legion, where is friend, Quintus Antonius, was Legate. He was instantly made Tribunus for his past military experiences and family ties, unfortunately he was eventually made to leave.

He then joined the Twelfth Legion, where he became a Praefectus before dying suddenly in a barbarian raid in his Legion's camp.This resulted in his father's vendetta against the Brits, in turn making his father join the Twentieth.

Personal Life

His father was Titus Plinius Secundus, his mother unknown, however presumed to be a back-alley whore. He served as a Plebeian Councilman for a short while but focussed the majority of his life on the military and giving his life for his beliefs when he needed to.